23 September 2007

Fine, ok? I fucked up.

Jesus Christ, get off my dick! So I haven't blogged in months, what do you care?
Yea, whatever. OK, so to update, the following things happened:

I went to Berlin.
I was frightened by Berlin.
I warmed up to Berlin.
The Knicks got Zack Randolph.
Ted came to Berlin.
I went to Amsterdam with Mike.
I saw the Beastie Boys in Berlin with Wilhelmstrasse.
I went to Vienna with my family.
I came home.
I sat on my ass.
Nate-Rob and Renaldo kicked ass in summer league.
I went to Rock the Bells.
I delivered pizza, twice.
I went to three straight Mets games (1-2).
I saw Daft Punk.
I helped John and Andrew record songs with Ted.
I got to Duke.
Duke beat Northwestern.
The Mets are KILLING ME.
I came to work today.

Now that we're all caught up, let's clear up a few things:

ONE: The Mets are still the best team in baseball. The Phillies 'have our number,' but the fact remains that they suck ass. And we have Pedro.

TWO: As much as I would love David Wright to be MVP this year, I really think it belongs to Matt Holliday. His numbers may be inflated by playing half his games at Coors, but his numbers are INSANE: .337, 36 dingers, and 131 ribbies, for crying out loud! and his splits actually aren't that bad. (If you double them, he's still pretty killer.)

Here comes the other problem with Holliday - the Rockies are not making the playoffs. This is where Wright gains a slight edge. Still, although David's been fairly consistent the whole year, he's never actually carried the team for more than like a game or two, as pathetic as the Mets have appeared from time to time. Looking at the other playoff teams (fuck Philly), you can't point at anyone and say they are the reason this team is in contention, unless you want to start thinking about pitchers, in which case Jake Peavy is your man.

So if it comes down to Peavy, Wright, and Holliday I think you have to go with David based on his beautiful smile and charming demeanor, yet Holliday to me at least is much more valuable to his (albeit kind of crappy) team.

THREE: Fuck Navy. Thats such fucking bullshit we lost to those ambiguously gay cocksuckers. Regardless of last minute game-winning drives, I'm still proud of our offense and probably most excited with that UNREAL catch from out of bounds Eron Riley had for the first score. As Eric said: "Eron rocks the Eron."

FOUR: I think its kind of bullshit that the lacrosse kids want so much fucking money. They're probably just 'high-balling' the city, expecting them to make a counter offer thats more reasonable. Yea, I think they deserve a settlement but ten million dollars is a LOT of fucking money. Plus, they already got over a million from Duke, which is also horseshit. I get that Duke needed to settle so they didn't make a fucking actual trial over it, but come on, that's unbelievable. Whatever the professors said, and I'm not sure there was anything wrong with that, Brodhead did everything right, and for some reason the University is at fault. Shenanigans.

FIVE: This blogue is due for an update. Suggest a new name, tell me what to do, whatever, but the site will look DRASTICALLY different next week and I'll start updating with supreme regularity and extreme prejudice.

Till next time.

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Rhetro Zenberg said...

What is a Met? I've never met one.